After learning of Dr. Hell's plan to conquer the Earth Dr. Kabuto retired from science to make Mazinger Z, a robot to combat the robots being made by Dr. Hell. Dr. Hell sent his first assistant, Baron Ashura, to kill Dr. Kabuto. The attempt was a success but Dr. Kabuto was able to inform his grandson, Koji of Mazinger. Koji was to use Mazinger to combat Dr. Hell and his associates. Koji went to the Dr. Yumi's Energy Institute. Dr. Yumi was an assistant to Dr. Kabuto and had made a robot of his own called Aphrodite A. Aphrodite was piloted by his daughter Sayaka and while it was to latter on get weapons, it was primarily a peace time robot.

I watched Mazinger Z back home in Puerto Rico. Unlike here the translators showed great respect for the original series and kept it virtually the same. Now since the original names were translated into Spanish and them into English by me I am sure that some of the names I put for the weapons will not be the correct , original ones. I would appreciate any corrections.



Mazinger Z was created by Dr. Kabuto and piloted by Koji Kabuto. Over the series Mazinger gain many new weapons and powers.

LASER BEAMS: These beams came from Mazinger's eyes. These were the weapon Koji used most of the time. They used up less energy than most of his other weapons and were respetively powerful.

ROCKET PUNCH: Mazinger could launch his fist to attack long distance. They were designed to break through the target. They had rockets to return them to Mazinger's arms.

IRON CUTTER: Latter on the series the Rocket Punches got the added ability to have razors come from each side. These were obviously designed for cutting.

FREEZE BEAMS: This was one of the last weapons Mazinger got. The Freeze beams would come from his antenea. This weapon was very rarely used.

BIG WHEEL ROCKET PUNCH: The final upgrade to Mazinger Z's fists. He could spin his arms around to give his fists greater velocity and penetrating power. Arguably his most powerful attack.

MISSILE PUNCH: Mazinger could fire missiles from his waist. These missiles were respectively powerful.

DRILL MISSILES: These missiles were design to drill through the target. They were very small and were fired like a machine gun from Mazinger's arms.

RUST HURRICANE: This was one of Mazinger's most powerful weapons. Mazinger would release winds from his mouth area so powerful that they would usually turn the enemy robot to dust then blow the dust away.

BREAST OF FIRE: Definately Mazinger's most powerful weapon. He would fire heat beams from his chest plates and melt the enemy robot into a puddle.

JET SCRANDER: Mazinger's most important upgrade. Originally Mazinger could not fly. Jet Scrander was Mazinger's wing. It was fired from the base and it would attack itself to Mazinger's back.

SCRANDER CUT: The Jet Scrander's wings were so shart that Mazinger Z could cut his enemies with them.

SOZAN CROSS KNIFE: Scrander would release shuriken-style cutting blades from it's wings.

Aphrodite A was created by Dr. Yumi and piloted by his daughter Sayaka. Latter in the series Aphrodite was destroyed and Sayaka was given a new robot.


BREAST MISSILE: Yes, Aphrodite A's only weapon was to fire her breast ats an opposing robot. The missiles were never really that strong. At first Aphrodite could only fire two but latter gained the ability to fire more.

Diana A was created by Dr. Yumi to replace Aphrodite. Diana was considerably more powerful than Aphrodite but still wasn't even close to Mazinger's level..


BREAST MISSILE: Diana's missiles were virtualy identical to Aphrodite's

SCARLET BEAM: This beam was Diana's most powerful weapon. I would estimate it to Be more or less as powerful as Mazinger's Lazer Beams.

Boss Robo was the comic relief of the series. Boss, jealous of Koji "talked" some of Dr. Yumi's scientist into making him a robot. Boss Robo was made out of junk and was destroyed easily. Every now and then he would do something useful.


Boss Robo never had a consistant weapon to use. Boss would make stuff for his robot to use for about an episode then discard it.

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